Sitting on a comfortable handle chair with her cozily arranged desk that had  all her  stuff around, sipping on the most favourite coffee she started to get lost in her thoughts. She is lost with so many questions. She feels lonely at times, she messes all in her head, she is confused as in what makes everybody perfect? or may be happy? what do people want in life? why is everybody so selfish? why is that life is so unfair? why is that world has so many personalities and makes that one personality out-of-place?

I want to know. Did you ever get lost ? or felt the same? Yes you? Is it okay to feel this way when everything around you is so perfect ? Perfect than ever you thought would be? Okay hold on I don’t want to confuse everyone now and yes no more blabbering. Let me be her now and tell you why she is such a question mark and what makes our life so lost.

My days at work were really calm and interesting in a way, there were days I speak a lot and days I don’t  so really there is no in-between. With my passion towards work and  to keep myself engaged I ended up being so lost. Initial days were so much fun and I was honestly innocent, this is the only way I could be engaged and meet new people. After few days I started to introspect my likes and dislikes. I started to feel that everything in the world is possible, enjoyed every moment and met some wonderful people out there. My introspection lead me to my career choices and started applying for work. Yes you heard right! Applying jobs while doing my traineeship. Real work in  the real world. What happens next is interesting! I got help from my workplace to apply for work. They made us do a wonderful test called personality test. It really speaks a lot about my personality though. I know what you must be thinking when everything is going so great why is she lost? Wait there is a lot more this is just a preview.  Continue reading “Aura”